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Multi Standard Basic Single
Reporting tools
Screening against sanction lists
PEP screening, identification and qualification
Multiple screening against sanction lists
Option to process large volume data and batch scans
Folder management system and basic CRM
Audit trail and logging
Risk assessment and filing
Ubo information with link to Ubo chart module
Google and press clippings
Country risk assessment
Links to identity documents
Related parties and information screening
ICIJ website screening and result reporting
Country exposure mapping and reporting
Links to Dutch Chamber of Commerce
Passport expiry notification
Scheduled reporting
Automatic warning system regarding changes
Subscription dependent on amount of names
Personal conflict list
Adding multiple attachments
Add-on compatibility
Advanced Google add-on
Chamber of Commerce add-on
UBO Chart add-on
CRM API add-on
Satellite add-on
Multiple Users add-on
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