We appreciate that it might be difficult to see the wood for the trees; so many Relian modules and add-on’s to choose from. However: the basis is simple: all modules serve the same purpose.

All our subscribers use our platform for their client- and counterparty due diligence process. Key words are (permanent) portfolio screening, sanction screening, KYC, Anti money laundering software, risk analysis, PEP and UBO establishment, Country risk mapping, Risk qualification, Anti-terrorism financing, Press clipping analysis, audit trail and much more.

We distinguish basically two main modules : The “Standard” and the “Multi names”. The Standard is designed for the professionals and service providers who will only require “transaction” or “moment” driven screening. In other words: these users will perform checks only once, create a pdf report only once and download or print this for file. Our Multi names Module users are under the obligation to permanently and automatically screen and monitor their business relations. Our platform is designed to host and facilitate these users too with permanent screening and a warning system in our Multi Names module. Also large volume screening is covered in our Multi Names module.

In addition we have several add on modules to be combined with one of the main modules. Please scroll down for an overview or consult the “compare tool”. Feel free to contact us either by phone or email if you have any questions or if you prefer to be guided through a demo version of our modules.

Multi -names- Module

This is the Multi names Module as a basis but contains many more options and features. Why would you go for less?

In addition to the basis of the Multi –names – Module, your subscription offers many more tools and features, without which compliance may not be complete. The Multi Names Module version offers a personal conflict list that can be filled at your discretion. There is an automated warning system notifying you of any changes and updates. There are more choices you can make in respect of reporting and settings and there is an option to add multiple attachments to your reports. If you wish to add ( bad press) clippings from web searches or like to add information regarding Ultimate Beneficial Owners (ubo’s), you can do so. Country risk screening is available and results – if any – are visualised in charts. As legislation and the regulatory framework develops we strive to keep track and let our products move with the flow.

  • Same as Multi -names- Module
  • Automatic notification system
  • Country Risk Analysis
  • Relevant Clippings
  • Personal Conflict list
  • Passport expiry notification
  • ICIJ Screening
  • and more...

Standard Module

Consistent, time saving and smart reporting. Specially designed for the legal and accounting professionals ,notary public, industry, brokers and organisations who don’t need continuous and large volume batch screening.

It works along the same principles as our Multi Names module, but lacks the possibility of periodic and repetitive screening of all your client list entries. Subscription dependent amount of entries and names. Cost wise a good alternative for those who prefer to handle only a few entries at the time and want to produce a report for filing. Also often a first step module for future large scale batch scan users.

  • For the accounting, tax- and legal professionals, brokers and industry.
  • Sanction Lists
  • Reporting
  • Full option screening on limited amount of entries
  • Costs efficient
  • and more...

Basic sanction batch screening

For Financial industry, Fiduciary services, Funds and Private Equity. Also large volume batch scanning.

Our Multi – names – Module forms the basis of our system. Know Your Customer (KYC) due diligence becomes increasingly important and so are the multiple sanction lists around the world. Relian offers an easy to use screening tool against those lists and allows for prudent reporting, documenting and audit. It is up to you whether you wish to upload data into the Relian system or alternatively prefer to build your own database for future reference. You can run incidental checks on one or more individuals or entities, but likewise process large quantities of data. History records is obviously a standard option.

  • Large volume batches
  • Filing and folder management
  • Persons and legal entities
  • Importing / Exporting Excel data-sheets
  • Reporting
  • and more...

Single Module

Used by business professionals and service providers, not only in M&A and C&P.

Our Single name Module offers quick real time verification against international sanction lists. You can screen a limited amount of names and create pdf reports for filing. If you want to import data please refer to our Multi names Module. If you don’t have the requirement to periodically screen your entire client list nor have a wish to maintain such a list or folder management system, this is you pragmatic and economic solution.

  • Easy Navigation
  • Quick Realtime Check
  • Limited amount of names
  • International sanction lists only
  • and more...

High Volume Module

Some of our subscribers process exceptionally high volume data batches. These users may require additional ( or sometimes only limited but in large quantities) features and functionalities. Please contact us to if you wish to discuss.

  • High volume batch screening
  • Multi names module based features
  • API / Integration

Modern Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance require fast and accurate verification of identities.