RefQ Executive (

RefQ Executive is a specialist in reference checks for top level management. With tailor made questionnaires, dedicated reports are produced with overviews and personal statements by referents of candidates for executives positions. Started with a focus on Financial, Banking and Pension Funds, RefQ Executive is now also consultant to International Corporations. RefQ Executive is managed by Douwe Yska.

RefQ Executive and Relian both operate in a rapidly changing business environment in which reputation damage is always around the corner. In addition the legal frame work and societal scrutiny dictate stricter procedures, diligent reporting & logging and a visible audit trail.

Relian is happy to open up its platform to RefQ, thus giving access to all the data gathered in the Relian system with the aim to support RefQ’s services to further improve and expand the depth of research on candidates. Relian is looking forward to work together with RefQ and to receive first hand market insights and suggestions in this important related field of expertise.

Modern Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance require fast and accurate verification of identities.