Relian was founded in early 2009 for the purpose of developing a sophisticated search and reporting tool for the benefit of the Dutch notary public firms, Fiduciary offices, lawyers, Tax lawyers, Banks, Funds, M&A + C&P professionals and other (financial) service providers on a need to have basis. Already in its first year, Relian transformed into an internet based publisher of tailor made subscriptions. It rapidly expanded the scope of its subscriptions, driven by the ambition to become the supplier of first choice for its customers.

In 2011 Relian acquired all the assets of EUscan B.V. Although the EUscan technology was completely abended, with EUscan╩╝s customer base Relian also gained access to international markets. Following the successful integration of EUscan into Relian, the company focusses on further international expansion and on multiple business segments, resulting in a truly global reach.

Relian became an ISO 27001 certified company for data security in January 2018. In addition to maintaining and further growing the base of the Relian platform, the company is expanding in other business sectors harvesting on the knowledge and experience built since its inception. Implementing- and consulting services will become increasingly important for our customers and hence we are building and increasing our resource basis in that respect. Currently we are exploring new ways to harvest on our investment in knowledge and experience to build a data platform in the medical world.

Modern Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance require fast and accurate verification of identities.