Relian was founded in early 2009 for the purpose of developing a sophisticated search and reporting tool for the benefit of the Dutch notary public firms, Fiduciary offices, Tax lawyers, Banks, Funds, M&A + C&P professionals and other (financial) service providers on a need to have basis.

Already in its first year, Relian transformed in to an internet based publisher of tailor made subscriptions. It rapidly expanded the scope of its subscriptions, driven by the ambition to become the supplier of first choice for its customers.

In 2011 Relian acquired all the assets of EUscan B.V. and became the market leader in the Netherlands for the Fiduciary services. With EUscan╩╝s customer base, Relian also gained access to international markets.

Following the successful integration of EUscan into Relian, the company focusses on further international expansion, resulting in a truly global reach.


In 2010 Mr. Joost K. Verschoof was asked to join Relian to lead the growth strategy and to streamline the organisation. He led and implemented the EUscan acquisition and positioned the company to deliver on its ambition.

Joost Verschoof graduated from the University of Utrecht, The Netherlands (Law). He spend most of his career in Shell where he has had multiple assignments in The Netherlands and abroad. Before the demerger of the Billiton group of companies by Shell, he was the corporate director and CLO of Billiton. In his last role with Shell he was a member of the executive board/ Chief Legal Officer of the global exploration division. Joost serves as a non-executive director on the board of LedNed. As independent counsel he is involved with many (international) (family) businesses worldwide.

Filing and folders

Smart filing and folder system for compliance requirements.

Check boxes

Pragmatic sanction screening and reporting.


Visual presentation of sanction screening results.

Compliance software

Software as a supporting tool and never a goal in itself.

Spend Less time

Lower your burden of compliance checks by efficient search and reporting.

Tailored Applications

Design and Implementation of software applications.

Integrated Development

Relian Modules integrated in your office software.

Modern Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance require fast and accurate verification of identities.