API / Integration

The Relian integrated module allows external developers to link the Relian infrastructure and sources directly to the own office software.

With many of our subscribers we have integrated a close link to our system in the customers personal office software environment. Automated synchronization makes the process even more accurate, but more importantly less time consuming. Consistency is enhanced by clear and simple work streams.

  • Integrated Module
  • Multiple Combinations Possible
  • Automatic Synchronization
  • Time Saving & Sufficient
  • Consistent Office Filing
  • and more...

Chamber of Commerce Module

Easy integration of information provided by a chamber of commerce, if applicable. Direct link to the Chamber “channels” information straight into your Relian account.

Please contact us for more detailed information. Additional charges do apply dependent on the respective Chamber of Commerce.

  • Link to Chamber of Commerce
  • Search Request
  • Profile Request
  • Integrated Results

Multiple Users Module

In combination with other modules you can allow access to more than one user at the same time. Frequent users of the system often work with multiple colleagues in our system. In order to avoid any disruption and to facilitate smooth operation we recommend you combine the Multiple users Module with the Multi names Module.

  • Allow login with multiple users
  • Get Notifications between all users.
  • No interruption
  • and more...

Advanced Google Module

A google search link and reporting tool is by default integrated in our Multi Names module. The Advanced Module however, offers more tailor made solutions to craft your search according to your specific guidelines, procedures and instructions.

  • Customized search
  • Keyword settings
  • Advanced reporting
  • Result logging

Homebase & Satellite

One central account with all options and features combined and integrated with satellites. Used by cross border customers, banks and larger organizations.

For cross border organizations, insurers, banks and funds we have developed the homebase & satellite module. Your home base is basically the Multi names Module combined with one or more additional modules of your choice. Suitability depends on the way you have organised your organisation and more in particular how you wish to run and implement your compliance regime and accountability.

  • One Homebase account
  • Combined with satellite Accounts
  • For Cross Border organisations
  • Delegated Responsibilities
  • Long term business continuity
  • and more...

Chart Module

The Relian "Chart Module" allows you to generate charts for various things, such as UBO Charts. With support of the brilliant engineers of MIT in the US we have initiated and developed our unique Chart Module. Please register and try. Graphic software comes in complicated to use forms and are very time consuming. We have designed a way to create organizational charts by way of filling plain language texts in a simply to use wizard. All the information that you enter in the wizard are directly linked to your client database in the Relian system and can be added to the screening list. User friendly interface and time saving.

  • Create Organisational Charts
  • UBO Overview and Reporting
  • Linked to Clientlist
  • Easy to Use Wizard
  • Drag 'n Drop Support
  • and more...

Modern Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance require fast and accurate verification of identities.