About Us

What is Relian?

Relian offers subscription based modules in respect of client verification requirements.

Modern and pro-active risk management ask for fast and accurate name verification. M&A practitioners and legal-, tax-, and accounting professionals are required to maintain adequate records of all the steps that were taken to verify prospective client's identities.

Relian's module for financial institutions and Trust companies has been designed to cater for large volume batch scanning, but it also contains a real-time online single scan application for the client acceptation phase.

The online Single -name- Module is widely used internationally by companies and legal-, tax- an accounting professionals around the world regard client acceptation mainly.

Relian offers an easy-to-use Dutch notary public module. In this module, the unique single scan tool is coupled to specific access to - amongst other- the Insolvency register and the Dutch Guardianship register ( Curatele register). A link-through to the Dutch Chamber of Commerce is standard in all the Relian modules.

Why for you?

Modern risk management and regulatory compliance require fast and accurate verification of identities. Relian offers a variety of modules, each tailored to the specific needs of Relian's customers.

Know your customer ( KYC) is no longer an option: it's a must. Financial institutions, M&A-, legal-, tax-, and accounting professionals are accountable for implementing a proper KYC process to comply with regulatory rules and regulations.

You are required to keep detailed records of all the steps that were taken to verify prospective clients.

Relian offers a user friendly solution for meeting the most essential regulatory requirements.

How it works?

Relian has developed compliance modules for different groups of clients and professionals. The Multi -names- Module and the Gold version are geared to serve clients who are required to perform periodic client-list batch scanning.

The Single -name- Module is used by a wide range of legal, tax and accounting professionals, in the client-acceptation phase but also in the M&A practice. The tool is equipped with a state-of-the art application reducing false positives without compromising on the result. If you are a subscriber to the Multi -names- Module, you will automatically benefit from the additional advantages of the single scan module because the two are combined in this Multi -names- Module.

The single is scan is somewhat limited in scope for users requiring periodic screening. In addition it lacks the option to differentiate in respect of creating- and maintaining files.


For the Dutch notary public, Relian has developed a module with some specifics to cater for their regulatory requirements.

To prove that you have complied with the legal and regulatory rules and regulations in respect of the client acceptation, and to complete your file, you can print a brief management report or print the full screening result.

Relian works with a fast online application. There is no need to download software on your computer and hence there are no interface issues. Scanning takes place on a secure server, based in The Netherlands.

Modern Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance require fast and accurate verification of identities.